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paving waterlooville

Paving Waterlooville

Paving Waterlooville, Havant, Portsmouth and the South Coast. Extensive paving Waterlooville – slabbed area and paths for accessibility. Pointed with EasyJoint. Landscaping and levelling, Repurposed oak sleeper raised beds for vegetables and planting. Newly turfed grass area. BEFORE AFTER Our Landscape Gardening Services can be found HERE

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slabbing bedhampton

Slabbing Bedhampton

Slabbing Bedhampton, Portsmouth, Havant and across the South Coast. Decorative slabbing area. Internal circle with square-off kit. Custom dimensions. (Note: Image taken before pointing.)

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slabbing waterlooville

Slabbing Waterlooville

Slabbing Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Havant and across the South Coast. Sawn rainbow sandstone slabbing, rustic railway sleepers. Patio and path.      

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fencing farlington

Fencing Farlington

Fencing Farlington, Portsmouth, Havant and across the South Coast. Close board fence panels, slabbed patio area, low-maintenance planting, large bark mulch.

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garden makeover havant

Garden Makeover Havant

Garden Makeover Havant, Portsmouth and across the South Coast. Oak sleeper raised beds, slabbed shed bases, asymmetric re-turfed lawn, membraned and shingled garden.

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